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in 1987


3600 m2
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HERU Toolmaking offers the leading overall competence in the range of complex tools especially for SCHULER SERVO presses from 400 to 1.600 tons of press force. Integrated processes up to welding in the press are handed over to the customer as a turnkey solution with productivity guarantee. Services around the core-competence are stroke rate, service life and function optimisation (trim) of tools in the start-up or running series.

PROTEC stands for process- and technology centre and consists of well-known system suppliers from the punching- and forming technology.

PROTEC provides impulses for innovation by implementing customer needs and supports the entire process from part design to End-off Line.
  • 1987

    The company HERU was founded in 1987 by Rudi Hesse and since then has been successfully engaged in the development of trend-setting tool technologies.

    As a problem solver in product design and process development HERU designs from complex, sophisticated sheet metal forming parts to complete assemblies, quality tools for the economic success of the customers.

    HERU is a competence centre for sheet metal forming in a region which can be considered as one of the world’s leading areas for sheet- and metal forming.
  • 1992

    New building in Kirchveischede
    Also, in this special subrange we can point to top performances for most different branches of industry.

    Controlled material flow results in high-quality deep-drawn parts that are within the limit range of maximum drawing ratios.

    Deep-drawn parts produced with our tools meet special requirements such as gas tightness, visible surfaces, or different wall thickness ratios.
  • 1996

    Integrated welding
  • 1998

    Plant 2 opens
  • 2000

    Certification according to VDA 6.4
    Particularly in the automotive industry, tools, technical equipment and machinery, devices, measuring- and testing equipment have to meet the highest quality standards. The industry standard VDA 6.4 is aimed at manufacturers of these and other production means and has proven itself as a reliable, practice-oriented set of rules since its introduction in 1999.

  • 2004

    New building in Grevenbrück
    On 2600 sqm the entire production, construction and administration is under one roof. The expansion and merging of the at last three locations in the Veischedetal at only one result in a significant improvement in the production processes and the information flow. The sites in Kirchveischede were closed at the end of 1993.

    7m length, more than 40 tons of weight, manufactured for the 2000 tons transfer press of a large automotive supplier – these are the data of the first tool leaving the factory in Lennestadt-Grevenbrück.
  • 2004

    Toolmaker of the year
    In 2004, HERU was elected to the TOP 20 “Toolmakers of the Year” in the competition “Excellence in production”. Reason enough to continue to pursue the goals and visions of “Excellence in production”.
  • 2009

    Development tool Welding
    Integrated welding, nut- and screw welding in the tool
    Implementation of the technology considering the requirements known to us as partners of our customers. The investment is often worthwhile even with medium quantities. Investment modules similar to using nuts, pressing, less weld spatter due to NIMAK technology. Extraction as option. High service life of the electrodes due to cooling and NIMAK technology. Quick electrode exchange. High cost effectiveness when used on SCHULER-SERVO PRESSES by means of an excellent kinematics.
  • 2011/2012

    Resistance welding in the KES-process
    First implementation as a customer project in the KES welding process as a serial tool
  • 2013

    Construction of the technology centre
  • 2014

    Opening of the Technology Centre
    The opening of the new, process- and technology centre attracted great interest throughout Germany. Needless to say, that the event took place in the newly built hall. This is precisely where the heart of the innovative centre is located: the servo press plant, installed by HERU and Schuler for optimizing complete production processes.

  • 2015

    PROTEC Technology days 2015
    The PROTEC technology days 2015 with the main topics
    “Planning security and Availability” and “Process Optimization and Cost-Effectiveness”
  • 2017

    PROTEC Technology days 2017
    The PROTEC technology days 2017 with the main topics “Total cost of ownership” and “In-die Welding”