The more of technology:
Transfer tools from HERU

HERU is a recognized specialist for the manufacturing of simple to extremely high complex tools for the transfer technology of servo presses. In particular, tools for Schuler-technology are produced. HERU manufactures the tool-technology also for mechanical presses according to customers wishes.

With transfer tools from HERU it is possible to produce medium to large sheet metal parts, which are mainly used in industries such as automotive, mechanical engineering or white goods. Transfer tools are primarily used in complex designs, which don’ t allow a production in a row. Therefore, transfer tools which are simulated in-house are designed in several stages in contrast to progressive dies.

In production, the use of automation technology by means of turning- and swivel grippers ensures a high degree of flexibility. Metal parts which are formed and cut from different directions are produced economically and of high quality. The unit costs per finished part are sustainably reduced by the automated integration of various technologies from the joining technology while at the same time optimizing material utilisation. Also, the important quality control in production is considered by taking measurement stations into account.

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